Year 5 residential day one

Morning folks, 


We have just arrived at the Black Country Museum, a very successful journey with no trouble from traffic or weather. 


All very excited, toileting now then off to explore! Will add photos as and when I get the chance.


Afternoon everyone, we left the Black Country Museum around 4pm, heading toward Wales and the Youth Hostel now, looking to arrive for around 7pm. 


A great time was had at the Museum, the children learned about all the jobs they would've been doing if they were born in that time, including shifting boats in tunnels, making nails in the blacksmiths and many more. 


I will try my best throughout the week to keep everybody updated via the website, I'm previous years signal has bee  non-existent at the Hostel so I will be relying on the cloud to share with you all as often as I can.