Year Three Bristol Trip

Day 3 -
Latest news... PLEASE READ!!

Imax broken down so we've now come back to Crealy Park, Nr Exeter, where we are having great fun.  We aim to be back to Bradworthy this evening at 7pm.

Look forward to seeing you

Very quiet night - everyone slept well and we even had to wake a few at 8am!
We've just finished breakfast and we're just about to head to the IMAX and @Bristol.


Day 2 Update -
It's 6pm and we've just got back to the Youth Hostel after the SS Great Britain and the Zoo.

We're going to have a quick bite of tea before heading off to the cinema.
Starting to get a bit tired (at least the adults are !) but still having a great time.


Day 2 -
Everyone had a good nights sleep and we're ready for an action packed day.

Well actually we're patiently waiting for the last few stragglers to get down from breakfast so we can leave for the SS Great Britain.

Check back later for some photos from our day.


It's 11.30pm and we've all survived the first day !!!
We've had a great time and we're all feeling tired . I'm certain that everyone will be asleep before I've finished typing this sentence so that we're all fresh and ready for another busy day tomorrow - at least that's the plan.
The photos show us in the caves at Wookey Hole and making paper in the mill afterwards.


Every one had a "cool" time at the ice skating after tea (I know it's a rubbish joke but it's getting late !!!). We all went on the ice, everyone got round at least once and not a single person fell over - this last bit might not be true !!
Feel free to post comments using the following boxes and check back tomorrow for an update on how our day is going.