Year Three Residential - 2012

It's the end of day three and everyone is safely back at home!  We had a fabulous day at Crealy, making the most of time to play and go on lots of exciting rides!  Everyone was pleased to get back, and I am sure there are lots of rather sleepy children in Bradworthy this evening!

I would like to say thank you to all of the children for making the trip such a success.  They have displayed a fabulous attitude and outstanding behaviuor this week, which has been commented on by everyone that we have met and worked with!  The trip has been an enormous amount of fun, and the children have been delightful company!  All of the staff who took part are incredibly proud of them, and the way they have handled themselves!  Well done to you all!! Now it's time to start planning next year's .................


Bristol Update: Day Three


Everyone slept well and we are all excited at the prospect of a day in Crealy!  We've just finished our breakfast and are heading up to our rooms to collect cases and bags!  We will try to stay updated during the day, and will look forward to seeing you all at 6pm at school!  Mr Furber is still with us at the moment (although if Mr Stephenson looks closely at the picture he will see that Caroline has found a potential replacement for the old man!!!).


Bristol Update: Day Two


We've just returned from our Pirate Walk and many of us have 'Aaarrgghh'd' ourselves hoarse! Everyone enjoyed hearing tales of Bristol's Pirate History, and we learnt many fascinating things about Blackbeard, Treasure Island, Long John Silver and Robinson Crusoe.   Everyome is packing their cases at the moment, and getting ready for hot chocolate and birthday cake!  There are some tired faces, so fingers crossed for another quiet night.  Everyone is very excited at the thought of spending tomorrow at Crealy, and of course getting home to our loved ones!!!! (Although at the moment it's mainly roller coasters that everyone is excited about!)


A little later that evening .............................................


Everyone is safely tucked up in bed now!  We've had lots of birthday cake and have settled down to sleep ready for another action packed day!   We've spent this evening writing our postcard messages, and they should be at the bottom of this page (Miss Daniel isn't technologically capable of getting a new grid up here!).  We hope you like our messages!


If there is chance tomorrow we will update again - if not we will see you at school at 6pm!


Exploring the harbour side and hearing all about the Pirates!


We've returned to the hostel after a busy day of adventures! We have had a wonderful time on board the SS Britain and exploring the Zoo. There are lots of photos below to show you all just how much fun we are having!  The children have been wonderful all day, continually enthusiastic and in very high spirits. We will be having dinner soon, and then heading out for the evening.


We had lots of fun investigating passengers who once sailed aboard the SS Great Britain.


Exploring the dry dock around the hull of the ship (looking for holes in the hull!!!)


Bristol Update: Day Two

We're just eating an enormous breakfast so this seemed like a good chance to check in!  Everyone slept well, and the teachers had to wake most of the children up - obviously we did this by singing very loudly!!  This morning we have two very excited birthday girls who were woken up with balloons and banners, and have spent a very happy half hour opening presents!

We're off to the SS Great Britain & Zoo in a minute, so we will update again later when we get back from our adventures.


Bristol Update: Day One

Its nearly midnight on day one and all is well!  We have had a really busy but fun filled day, and everyone is sleeping soundly.  We started the day at Wookey Hole, exploring the caves and mill followed by lots of playing!  After this we headed up to Bristol and settled into the hostel for dinner.   This evening we have had lots of fun ice skating (and falling over) before heading back to the hostel for hot chocolate and bed!


Everyone is safely tucked up in bed now!  Tomorrow morning we are heading off to the SS Great Britain - check back tomorrow evening for more photos!