Year Three Residential

These are the Laserquest Teams that reached the final.
Laserquest was fantastic - especially the bit where we got to shoot the teachers !

We're heading back to the Youth Hostel now after a really fun day.
Hopefully we'll get another good nights sleep so we are ready for Crealy tomorrow !

Internet allowing there will be more photos later on this evening.


This afternoon we had a great time looking around the Victorian Town at Flambards.
Unfortunately the rides weren't open but they will be at Crealy tomorrow !!!


Everyone had a great nights sleep and got ready for an exciting day out with a nice big breakfast.

These photos are from The Maritime Museum in Falmouth. The trip ended with a boat building competition and race - you'll have to check later to find out who won.

The windy weather has stopped the planned trip to St Michael's Mount but don't panic, there's a contingency plan to make sure everyone still has a great time !!!!!
There'll be lots more photos later on .....


It's 8pm on the first night away and the children are happily bowling away!  Unfortunately the wifi access at the Youth Hostel is not working, so we have hijacked the office's wifi at the ten pin bowling centre instead! Everyone has had a fabulous day and enjoyed the activities so far.  We have settled into the hostel, and had the customary hour and a half making beds!!!  We will upload some photos whenever we can, and will do our best to update again tomorrow - even if Miss D ends up scouring Cornwall for wifi!  Please leave comments when you can as the children love to hear them!