Zoolab came to school last week with their creatures of amazing Olympic talents!



The children cheered on as Maisy the Giant African Millipede raced against Tracey the Madagascan hissing cockroach!!



Did you know?

African giant millipedes can grow 4 legs each time they shed their skin. They secrete a chlorine type liquid which monkeys use to rub over their bodies to get rid of fleas.


Corn Snakes shed their skin every 2 months and eat twice a week.


Female Chilean tarantula’s can live up to 15 yrs unlike the male who can live up to 3 years if they manage to escape after an encounter with a female.


Tarantulas flick venomous hairs from their body to protect themselves.


Cockroaches are the fasted insect on the planet. They have two brains, if they lose their head they can survive for one month.


The Giant African land snail can carry 7 x its own weight on its back! They have 10,000 teeth and like to eat bone to make their shell healthy and strong.