A Really Nice Email.

We think that it is really iportant that our children develop things like good manners and we regularly get compliments from the general public when we are out-and-about - which we often are.


I'd like to share this email which was sent by someone who "came across us" when we were having lunch in McDonald's last week after a sports event:


"I encountered a group of children from your school in McDonald's, Bideford,  at lunchtime yesterday accompanied by some of your staff. 


It was just wonderful,  with what's going on in the world today,  to see a group of children so well behaved, not shouting and showing off,  all dressed  immaculately,  not a mobile phone between them and they  simply sat down without arguing between themselves and waited patiently for their food.  They were actually communicating with each other.  Even a member of staff from McDonald's commented what a pleasure it was to see a group of children so well behaved.


They were a credit to you,  your staff and  your school and you should be so proud of the image they portrayed of your Academy."