Art Exhibition - Summer 2022





It’s always a nervous time waiting for models to arrive in school for our Art Exhibitions. Has anybody bothered? Will it be any good? But then in pour dozens of amazingly imaginative, original and bizarre creations.


Wow! The variety and quality puts my brain in a spin and makes me very proud. The idea was to build a model of someone who has been famous in the last 150 years, since the school was founded in Braworthy.


We divided this up into 25 year chunks, one for each class and made a few suggestions. Although some of the suggested people were snapped up many other inspiring individuals were called to mind by our pupils.


It would appear that the most influential people of the time period were….Florence Nightingale, Queen Elizabeth II, Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, Neil Armstrong, Princess Diana and Cristiano Ronaldo [whoever he is].


There were racing drivers and aeroplanes, cats and dogs, princesses and scientists, artists and authors, explorers and film stars, human rights activists and bank robbers.


It was a great show this year with lots of enthusiastic feed back and some families coming back several times to admire the work.


Well done all those friends and relations who have helped with a bit of welding, sewing and joinery! Your time was well spent and we are nurturing young folk and teachin them skills you don’t learn on a computer.


Well done all our Artists and Sculptors. It is good to know that we have so many individuals who are not afraid to follow their own enthusiasms and interests and to follow their own path.


It is individuality and imagination that make the World a rich and colourful place to live.


I won’t be nervous next year.

Well, maybe I will a bit until the work starts coming in again!


Bryan Sentance