Arts Festival Brief

This year our Art Exhibition will once again coincide with the Bradworthy Arts Festival on 4th and 5th May. Each class will be producing a group display and every individual child will be making an independent piece in their own time. In the past we have been amazed by how imaginative and inventive our children are.




Each child is being asked to make a model of themselves.


The model should be between 30cms and 90cms tall.


It should be made out of recycled, reclaimed and found materials.


The figure may be dressed in the clothes or costume of the child’s preference whether it be school uniform or fancy dress. It could be the outfit of the job they would like when they grow up or pure fantasy.


It must be three dimensional.


The model must be freestanding. It could be fixed to a base or maybe have big feet.


Assistance may be given by parents and friends but it must be predominantly the child’s work.


Adults are welcome to have a go. They are allowed some help from their offspring!


All models must be delivered to school during the week we return after the Easter holiday, the week beginning 22nd April.


Start soon and take your time. Don’t leave it to the last minute.


“Bonkers is good” is our motto. Be creative and have fun!