Autumn Kayaking

On Monday 8th September Class 6 went kayaking on Bude Canal, this was a taster session to see if we liked it. We travelled by mini bus and parked near the canal, next to the Bude Cub Hut.

Firstly we changed into our old clothes, then we chose the correct sized life jacket, after that we were all given a kayak which came in two sizes. We were shown how to get into our Kayak by sitting in the seat and putting our knees underneath so the kayak didn't capsize.

We leant how to do some strokes and then we played a game called 'stuck in the water' in our kayaks. The rules were:- if you got tagged you put your paddle up to say that you were stuck then someone would come and tap your kayak so then you could go.

Finally we paddled around the canal and had a “splash fight”, several kayakers capsized because they wanted to.

The session was thee hours of great fun and now we’re going to do a weekly club every week until the end of October.