On Tuesday 20th October Class 6 went to Julian’s farm to meet Chris the beekeeper.

The class was ferried across in two minibuses and when we got there Chris started to talk about the bees. The first thing Chris talked about was how bees came to live in hives.

Chris told us that before people kept bees they lived in hives they made themselves in trees, cliffs or even down in the ground. Humans had to climb up a tree or cliff in which the bees had made their hive.

He also told us about a man called Langstroch, who came up with the idea of keeping bees in a thick, woven, upside-down basket called a skep.

These progressed into hives.

Chris bought a fake hive in and asked us a lot of questions about what bees needed to survive.

We had a great time and learnt a lot about bees and their habitat.