Bideford College Filming Trip

We're onlt two weeks away from our Christmas musical Harriet Potter.

The best scenes in the films are the Quiddich Matches and we wanted one of our own.
Health and Safety has stopped us swinging children from trees so we were incredibly grateful to Bideford College for their help.

Thanks to their amazing green screen media studio and a huge amount from their technician Chris we've managed to film an incedible scene which climaxes in the terrifying appearance of the Dementors !!!

The following photos give an idea of what we were up to but you'll obviously have to come to the play to see the final results.


We are incredibly grateful to Bideford College, and to Chris, for theor support. Its great that a big secondary school like Bideford is willing to welcome in a small primary school like ours and I think it shows what a fantastic school Bideford College is.