Bikeability - Year Six

Year Six have been completing a Bikeability course this term, as part of our Outdoor Education programme.


We liked Bikeability because we went to the playground to ride around courses.

First our teachers Ian and Tom talked to us about clothing, what we should and should not wear while on a bike.


Next we learnt how to move around cars on the playground first and then on the road.

Then we went onto the roads and rode up to a lane to learn how to do something called a right turn in a safe manner, just like cars.


After that we went to a lane to do a formation called the snake.

It’s where we all follow the leader in a single file and make a long line of cyclists which looks like a snake.


We enjoyed Bikeability a lot because we liked working with Ian and Tom and it was a challenge to complete all of their tasks.


By Oliver, Thane,  and Sam