Book Track

Hi everyone, 

Mary and the team at our local libraries are coming up with lots of fun ways for you to keep reading and keep up with things like Booktrack while the libraries are closed.   The information here explains how you can keep your booktrack going if you are already on the quest, or how to start if you would like to give it a go! 

Happy reading! 


Book Track is for children aged 6 and over, it's not a race and it's not a test. It IS lots of fun and a chance to keep a record of all the books you read. Choose the books you like, and when you have read them, tell library staff a little bit about them. We will keep a record of what you have read on your Book Track journey to reading 100 books!


Booktrack usually happens in person in the library but we have adapted to the current situation and are now offering Booktrack by email for library members! If your child is not already a library member it is really quick and easy to join online (children will need an adult as guarantor). 


All emails should by sent by parents/carers on behalf of their child (not directly from a child's email account) to

Just send us a message with your library card number (if known) plus details of the authors and titles of the books your child has read (up to 4 at a time) and maybe a book review or a photo of a written review or drawing. They can tell us about favourite characters, favourite parts of the story, etc. They can even use this online “Booktrack Question Generator” to replace the trusty cards we usually use Booktrackers can read any books you have at home including ebooks and audio books (there lots available for free via the library).


Children will receive a lovely reply by email (via parents/carers email) from a member of our team and we will keep a record of everything they have read so that when we reopen, stickers and badges can be given out and the “wall of fame” updated. 


Happy reading and we look forward to hearing from you.