Bradworthy Carnival 2012

Bradworthy Carnival 2012

On Saturday 25th August our school brass group took part in the celebrations

for Bradworthy Carnival.  We played in the square at the very beginning of the

festivities, to an enormous crowd!  Despite the wind doing its very best to knock our

music off of our stands we all had a wonderful time!   Later in the evening we were

followed by the YoungerTones, the school rock band, who were the opening act for the

headline band 'Coverd'.

We are very proud of all of the children who performed in these groups during the Carnival,

and we are looking forward to our next opportunities to perform for the people in the village.

At this point in the year we say a final goodbye to some of our year 6 perfomers - we would

like to thank them very much for all of their hard work, and hope that they continue in their

musical paths in their time at secondary school.