Brass Band - Rotary Concert

On Friday 16th and Saturday 17th March our Brass Band performed at the Holsworthy Rotary Club Variety Concert.
We performed a ten minute set at the end of act one to rapturous applause from a packed house.
The performance was a wonderful experience and something that we'll remember forever.

The children approached this event with their usual enthusiasm and professionalism and it was wonderful to get the following comment from the organisers afterwards.
They said that the children were the most polite and best behaved children they had ever had in the Theatre and that we should be very proud of them as teachers, parents and school. They said that it would be a pleasure to have the children back.
It goes without saying that we agree with this wholeheartedly.
We are exceptionally proud of every one of them and we would love to go back to the theatre sometime soon.