Bristol 2016

Hello again.  Its 11pm on Day Two and everyone is soundly asleep and snoring!  We have had an amazing, but very busy day, and the children looked very glad to be getting to bed! 

We started our day at @Bristol, where we explored the science museum and had lots of fun with the hands on exhibits.   After this we headed into a planetarium show all about the summer night's sky.  We learnt the names and sizes of lots of stars adn planets all around us.


When we finished in the planetarium we headed into our lesson which involved training for space missions, and a special message from Tim Peake.  We had to complete experiments with robotics, testing materials, and building rockets which we launched across the room at the end of our workshop.  We all had lots of fun and feel ready to launch up to the International Space Station whenever they need us!! 


After we left @Bristol we headed to the zoo and took part in a Mad for Madagascar session.  We were able to touch and hold different animals from Madagascar, and we learnt about how the animals ended up on the island! 


After our session we all enjoyed exploring the zoo, and looking at the wildlife - I think the wildlife also enjoyed looking at us!! 


Following our zoo visit we headed back to the hostel for dinner.  Then we headed out onto our Pirate Walk.  We had a great time exploring the harbourside and caves, and hearing all about Bristol's pirate heritage.