Bristol 2016

Hello everyone!  It's a little after midnight and everyone is fast asleep! We have had a fabulous, and action packed day with lots of fun!   The details below show a little of what we have been up to today - we will do our best to get more pictures and details online for you all tomorrow.  Thank you for all of yoor comments - we will read them out to the children over breakfast tomorrow.  

We started the day at the SS Great Britain.  We were shown around by Martin, and we explored lots of different parts of the ship.  As you can see below we had lots of fun exploring and finding out all of the ship's secrets!


We had fun exploring the musuem alongside the ship -  we even re-created a famous scene from Titanic!


After we left the SS Great Britain we headed to the youth hostel to find our rooms, and our dinner! 


Everyone ate very well, and following dinner we headed out into Bristol for our laser quest challenge. We played in our house teams (with teachers) and had lots of fun in a mini tounrnament.  


We played our first matches, and then went on to play another in a mini tournament. Our overall results were.... 4th - Puffins, 3rd - Robins, 2nd - Magpies and in 1st place, the Herons!