Bristol 2018

Hello everyone!  Its 6:30pm on Day Two and we are enjoying a brief pit stop before we head out to Laser Quest.  We have had an amazing day, and have really enjoyed exploring both the Zoo and the SS Great Britain. While at the Zoo we took part in a Rainforests session, and we were able to hold and see some animals from the rainforest, as well as finding out about the different habitats that a rainforest provides. At the SS Great Britain we took part in a session all about Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and learnt how rivets were used to construct the ship. We then travelled back in time to 1843 to attend the launch party for the vessel, and as you can see, much fun was had.


Everyone is now excitedly preparing for Laser Quest - we will update you later on this evening when we return from our latest adventure!