Bristol 2018

Hello again everyone. It's eleven o clock on Day One, and everyone is safely tucked up in bed asleep (and snoring!!).


After a busy day full of science, this evening has been full of stories of pirates and their adventures in and around Bristol.  We learned about the places that were used as smuggling locations, and saw lots of famous landmarks that link to Bristol's Pirate past! We also learned about words and phrases we use every day, and where they came from. Cap'n Harry also let us play with a replica pistol and early style 'bomb' - Mrs T has even more grey hairs now!!  Everyone is in incredibly good spirits, and we have already received lots of compliments based on the attitude and enthusiasm of the children. We are all looking forward to our action packed day tomorrow - I imagine the next update will be somewhere after dinner tomorrow evening.  Thank you for your messages. If anyone has any trouble sending one, feel free to email it to and I will add it to the page for you.