Bristol Residential - Monday 8th June

Hello everyone!  It's almost eleven oclock on day one and we are just settling down for the night.  

We have had an amazing day, becoming fully trained Forensic Detectives at @Bristol, and then with a very interesting Pirate Walk this evening.  

We have learnt how to take fingerprints, test inks, make plaster casts, and completed experiments to see our DNA!  We have also explored all of the scientific exhibits and had lots of fun playing all of the games!   

Tonight we have found out all about the Pirates of Bristol (and their links with the South West!), and we even visited a few pubs to look at pirate caves and smuggling coves! 

The children have eaten really well, and all look ready for a good night's sleep before a busy day tomorrow!  Thank you for your messages - we will enjoy reading them through tomorrow.