Charlotte's Web

On Friday 27th September, M&M Theatre Production came to Bradworthy Memorial hall to perform the play Charlotte's Web.

Charlotte's Web is a story about a little girl called Fern. One night eleven little piggies are born. One of the piglets was to small, and so Ferns dad needed to kill it, or it would starve. Fern saw her dad with an axe in his hand. She decided that the piglet shouldn't die because he is small, and so she took care of the tiny little piglet.

She named him Wilber.

Wilber was, after seven weeks, too big and expensive to keep so Fern's dad decided that Wilbur will either be sold, or he could live in Fern's Uncle Zucamuns farm.

Wilber heard uncle Zucamun saying he would very big by the time Christmas comes and Charlotte was worried that Mr. Zucamun will kill her and turn her into bacon and sausages.

Charlotte the spider ( Wilber's best friend) weaves a web with the words, "some pig".

Charlotte also spun webs with the words , "radiant" and, "humble. These were her last webs, and so she put her heart and sole into making them.

The story ends when Charlotte dies leaving Wilbur to live the rest of his life with happiness, for she had saved him. Charlotte left Wilbur her baby's. In total there were seven hundred eggs!

When the theatre people preformed the story, every one really enjoyed it. This was our last theatre production ( for Class Six). It was a really nice feeling to be watching it.  The characters were,  Fern ( the loving child, that can talk to animals,), Avery ( the fantasy and TV lover), mum ( the snack lover ), and the dad
( the man of the house ). I think the theatre was better than the story and film. Going to the theatre production was really fun, and it is sad it is our last one.

Charlotte's web was a really nice last theatre production, and we will miss watching them.