Children in Need 2015

On Friday 13th November we had a non-school uniform day to raise as much money as we could for children in need.

‘Children in need’ is a charity to help children all over the world who don’t have clean water or the facilities that we have and for children with disabilities.

When we came into school on Friday we wore our own clothes and every body in the school paid £1.00 for a good cause.

On Friday morning we also had a ‘home made book sale’ organised by children year three and four.

The following people who ran it where, Mathew, Riley, Jack, Vinnie, Josh, Charlotte, Isaac, Rebecca, Oscar, Niall, Rory, Lonny, Maya, Millie, Cory, AJ, Harriet, Luke, and Lana. These people either made books or sold them.

The books that they sold were amazing, we paid 20p for a small book, 50p for a medium book, and £1 for a large book .They were either, stories, word searches or colouring books.

The money we raised all went to children in need.

Friday was a fabulous day and we raised about £210 for children in need.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.

By Holly and William, Year Six