Chinese New Year 2014

On Wednesday 29th January, Class 4 were set a challenge to make Chinese dragons. We were doing it to celebrate Chinese New Year and to scare away evil spirits just like the Chinese. We were given a box, a sheet, a lot of news paper and masking tape. Everybody had 3 days to construct a dragon and choreograph a dance.


First, we started with the head and made shapes with some scrunched up newspaper. We worked in groups and stuck it on with lots of masking tape. We both thought it wasn't looking very good at that point.


After that, we mixed water with glue before plonking the newspaper into the glue and stuck the gloopy news paper onto the head. We loved doing the paper mache but we ended up getting very messy.


Next, we drew the Chinese Zodiac on the sheet and painted them red and orange. The Chinese Zodiac follows a twelve year cycle. Marlo from class 4 commented " I enjoyed drawing and painting the animals the most."


Whist we were doing that, others painted the head. There were green, red, yellow and orange paint.


Soon, we went down to the Memorial Hall. Everybody had a musical instrument to playand we made an orchestra to dance to. We both thought it was brilliant but it was very loud as well.


Soon after, we started making up routines. There had to be little movement as we did not have very much space.


Finally, after three whole days of hard work, we were ready to perform. We brought our own coloured trousers for the dragon costume and sorted ourselves into groups.


It was great fun performing the dragon dance!!


We were all amazed at how the dragon turned out and we just about managed to finish it in time for the performance. We were immensely proud of ourselves and the class!


By Charlotte and Eliza