Christmas Fayre 2013

It was one of the best days in the whole school’s history !!!

Bradworthy Primary Academy had Christmas spirit and there was a lot of joy on everyone’s faces. Many people came and the brass band played their delightful  carols upstairs.

Four groups, Puffins, Herons, Robins and Magpies, were competing against each other to see how much money each team could raise. Wes set up refreshment stalls, craft item stalls and many wonderful and successful games.
Pupils in Class Six spent an entire week getting ready, it was hard but great fun.

The brass band have also been working very hard, giving their time to play their instruments at the cracking craft fayre. As people were walking by they could hear the lovely jingle of the spiritual tunes and applause filled the room straight after every piece of amazing music.

The four House Teams had a very busy wee shopping, crafting, collecting and most of all working as a team. As always it went successfully well and there were many successful stalls that all went incredibly well and made a profit.

We made over £600 altogether but obviously one team had to win and that winning team was ……

( ….. you’ll have to check the web-site after the weekend to find out – sorry !!!!! )

The Christmas Craft Fayre was a great success, and everyone who was involved had the best time ever.

By Erin.