Class 4 Forest School

On Thursday 6th March, class 4 visited forest school. We went to learn about treasure. The class were looking forward to the trip.

First, we arrived at forest school. Our group leaders told us that we would be in their group. Louise, One of the instructors, told us what we were going to be doing.

Next, all the groups walked onto the meadow and played some fun games. The first game was penguins on icebergs. Four or five people stood on a sheet and had to fold it over twice without stepping on the grass! Our next game was holding hands in a circle and trying to turn around without letting go. My favourite game was the holding hands without letting go game because it was quite challenging.

After break, all the groups started to collect things to make their skeleton. We were going to do a treasure hunt to find our skeleton`s history. All the groups wandered around the wet forest finding things for their skeleton.

Before dinner, we put our skeletons together so they looked real. We were all very excited about the treasure hunt.

After lunch, we completed the treasure hunt! We were finding our skeletons belongings to see how they might have lived when they were alive.

Following that, we finished the treasure hunt and guessed what our skeleton might have done for a living. After we guessed what our skeletons might've been, we were split into our tree groups. We walked around to every group`s skeleton and if there was someone in that tree group that made the skeleton then they would explain what their skeleton might've been. I thought my group`s skeleton was a traveller because it had a small bag, climbing clip and old boarding pass.

Finally, it was time to leave. Everyone said “thank you” to all the leaders. Everybody walked to the adult that drove them to forest school and then went back to school. We all had a great day at forest school.I learnt that treasure doesn't have to be gold or silver. I enjoyed my day at forest school.