Class 5 on the Beach !

On Wednesday 22nd May the children in Year Five visited Northam Burrows and Westward Ho! beach as part of their Coasts topic.

We were able to spend the day working with wardens from the Burrows who helped us to explore the coastal environment, and we worked with Mr Sentance in the afternoon to create a pebble sculpture!


We started our day rockpooling to explore the coastal environment and the different habitats that it offers.


Once we returned with our buckets our wardens explained what we had caught.  Some of us had been lucky and caught prawns, blennys, crabs and whelks.  Other were not quite so lucky and caught lots of seaweed!!

On the way back to the Burrows centre we were lucky enough to have a talk from the RNLI lifeguards on the beach at Westward Ho!  They showed us their truck and their equipment, and explained what they do on the beach.


Unfortunately, while we were talking with the lifequards there was noone for them to rescue, so Miss Daniel was given the fantastic (!!) opportunity to play a drowning victim, and be saved by Amelie and Paul the lifeguard!  Luckily she survived the process (despite Amelie's best efforts to tie her legs together!).


After lunch at the Visitors Centre we went on a Coastal Walk with the wardens.  They were able to show us lots of coastal features, and explain how they are formed.


At the end of the walk we had a very active quiz to find out how much we had remembered!


We were all rewarded with an ice cream for remembering lots of facts and information.


Once our walk had finished we spent an hour with Mr Sentance creating a beach sculpture.  We had lots of fun being creative with the natural materials, and we are very proud of our finished product!