Class Five at Poundstock

On Tuesday 11th of October class 5 went to Poundstock Gildhouse to see what it would be like to be a Tudor. In the morning we were poor Tudors and we made cob, bread and ginger beer.  We were split into three groups, one was called Penfound, Trebarfoot and Calmandy.   Each group swapped around the activities so we all did everything in the morning.  We were all dressed up as poor Tudors which was really fun.


When we were making cob everyone got messy because we had to use are hands to put the mixture into the mould. But it was very fun because we got to jump on it to mix it. When we made bread we all made a piece of bread each to take home! We had to make a special mark so we could remember which was which and who's was who's when we made ginger beer we all got a grinder there were wooden ones metal ones and normal ones after that we tested all of them the wooden ones would not crush the ginger metal ones did crush normal ones worked well to.


After that we had a long lunch - it was yummy.


Then we dressed up as rich Tudors – the girls wore dresses and jewellery and the boys wore suits and hats.   Then we played games, like cup and ball, chess, 9 men’s morris, fox and goose, bowling and cards.  When we were rich we also did dancing and learnt about what Tudor people would do at a feast.


By Eden and Thomas