Dartmoor Autumn 2014

On the 16th of October a group of eleven pupils from Class 6 walked on Dartmoor, including me. We walked on Dartmoor for about 6.5 hours. The distance we covered was 10 miles.

Sir parked the minibus near the reservoir near Meldon. Then we walked up and around to Black Tor, we met a wild pony on the way. We had to stay away from the firing range because the army were firing !
After that we walked down a valley, crossed a river and walked up to Shelstone Tor. So far we had walked about 3miles.

Next we were walking on the hardest Tor, Branscombe's Loaf. Branscombes loaf is a giant hill that seems to last for miles but we finally reached the top. After that, we walked through a marsh, loads of people fell over. Gren Tor was the next Tor we walked to. That was generally much easier.
We had lunch in an emergency shelter because it was raining really hard.

The next Tor could be classed as a mountain, because its over 600m. It is called Great Links Tor.
We had nearly finished walking on Dartmoor, the last Tor was Sourton Tors. After that it was flat land to the car park.

Overall I really enjoyed walking on Dartmoor and I would happily do it again I'm hoping to walk the 25miles walk later on in the year.

By Ethan