Dartmoor Camping

We took  a group of our intrepid explorers up onto Dartmoor on Wednesday 13 June, planning to camp on Wednesday night and then leave the moor on Thursday. A lot of preparation went into making sure we had all the things required and the children divided themselves into groups and shared out all the camping and cooking equipment needed for each group.  We then loaded up and headed on out ( after a small shopping trip to Waitrose! ).  The groups then had to decide which route we would take to the campsite, they couldn't agree so we split up into mixed groups and worked our way to camp, where we regrouped and pitched our tents.  The children were then challenged to navigate their own route around the moor, being dutifully followed by the adults!   We returned to camp where the groups had to prepare and cook their own meals for the evening , and then enjoyed some fun and games in the evening sun, before settling down for the night.  The following day the children had to prepare and cook their own breakfasts before a final task and the camp removal before a 2 mile walk back to the minibus.


Congratulations to the entire group for an expedition completed!