Dartmoor - July 2019

Year Six were out and about on Dartmoor once more.  This time three days on the moor and two nights camping.  First stop was checking all the correct equipment was loaded onto the minibus and then off to get the food that was needed.  Two evening meals, two breakfasts and a lunch were all needed to be prepared and cooked on the moor whilst camping.


First thing on the moor was to set up camp and have lunch, after which a 7 mile navigational challenge was completed, comprising of walking in groups and having to check in at three different checkpoints.  Once completed it was back off to camp for the evening meal and a play in the river!  The following day , after breakfast , a small walk of 19 miles over some very tricky terrain at times, was successfully completed by some very tired and weary people ( mainly the adults!).


On the final day the minibus was loaded and moved and a small 4 mile trek to find it, in some not very nice conditions.  Overall a total of an impressive 30 miles completed matching the school record of last year, but no, that wouldn't cut it, so after walking round the minibus 10 times, a new school record was set!