Devon Football Festival

Bradworthy Get Downed in the Knock Outs

Dan made some brilliant saves and Toby scored some fantastic goals. Everyone in our team was paying brilliantly but we couldn’t hold on!!
We were doing so well , Four games and didn't loose one. We were at the top of our group and ready to battle our way to the finals.


It came to the knockouts ......


We lost narrowly. Their number seven raced down the wing and blasted the ball into the back of the net. He was short but speedy and the got the winning goal.
2 – 1 and we were gutted !!


Lunch time …..


It was twelve twenty and time for lunch and we made a bad decision - we went to the minibus and sat in the warm.  Although it might seem strange we should have stayed in the cold because when we got on the bus our energy drained away.


Our quarter final match was at 1pm and we weren’t ready, we had so many shots and opportunities, we hit the bar three times and their keeper pulled off loads of amazing saves, but sadly we missed all of them, except for one.

We were beaten !!!


We had so much fun. In the end we were disappointed but happy that we had taken part.

There's another Devon competition coming up in the Summer and we're determined to train hard and win this one !!!


By Ollie (Year Six)