Eden Project Climbing

On Monday 19th September some of class six went to a climbing trip at the Eden Project in Cornwall. We went down because we have a competition coming up.

We arrived at the Eden Project at ten thirty.  We met Simon our climbing teacher there.

First we warmed up by stretching.  We then had a go on the bouldering wall. It was great but tricky.  Next we split up into teams of four. Simon said to choose a colour and then try and reach the top. You scored points individually and if all of your team did it you got a bonus point.

After that we stopped for lunch.  Everybody was hungry after doing some problems.

Next we had a challenge where you make up your own problems in your teams.  Once you had made your problem we went and did other peoples problems and you also got points if you completed it.

Everybody did really well and we all really enjoyed the day at the Eden climbing wall.