We are all feeling very proud of Symi, in Year Six, who organised a fundraising day for a charity called El-Shaddai. She arranged for a visiting speaker to come in so we knew waht the whole things was all about and sorted out a non-uniform / curry day which raised £300.
The following has been written by Symi:

Last Month, in May, there was a non-school uniform day for a charity out in India called El-Shaddai.

El-Shaddai help kids that are living on the streets and families living in the slums. They bring them in and give them a lovely curry which is one of the only proper meals that these families get.

El-Shaddai also provide people with clothes and schools for children, ad even homes for those who need them.

On our non-school uniform day we had a “veggie” curry for lunch to represent what the kids in India have.

I think, throughout the whole day, we had an amazing time.

Symi-Amber (Year Six)