Exeter Cathedral Choir Project

On Saturday 3rd March our school choir travelled down to Exeter to perform in the cathedral.
It was a wonderful experience and although we had a fantastic time performing three songs with all of the other schools that were there the high point was our own school's performance of Bob Dylan's Forever Young.
We've been working really hard with Miss Daniel and Mr Moulton in school for the last few weeks so that we were ready but that didn't mean that everyone wasn't feeling nervous !
When it was our turn to sing it was an amazing. It was a fantastic feeling to perform to such a big audience in such a big building and to do it so well.
Everyone at Bradworthy is feeling incredibly proud of everyone in our choir and we're all hoping that there'll be another concert soon !!

We've got a video of the performance which we're hoping to get on line later in the week so keeping checking the web-site !