Forest School

During this half term the children in class 2 are travelling to Lower Tamar Lake each Friday morning for Forest School. Under the instruction of the Forest School Teacher Louise, the children have been learning the important rules of forest school:, looking after themselves, looking after each other and looking after the woods.


In the first session the children learned about different birds native to the local area, Then they collected a variety of leaves, twigs, flowers etc and in small groups made some beautiful bird collages. After after a yummy hot chocolate and snack around the fire,they were then shown how to lash sticks together in order to make a frame which they attached their birds to using a cowslip knot.


In the second session we learned about where animals live, playing games to match the animal with their homes. We then went into the woods and worked in small groups to build our own dens..As you can see from the pictures each group worked hard together to make their dens individual, Some had doors, windows, beds, and floral decorations.


The children are all really excited to find out what we will be doing over the next 4 weeks.