Gliddon and Squire - End of Season

Great Gliddon Squire


It was an amazing season for Bradworthy Academy’s cross country teams with two second place medals for the U9 girls and U11 boys; a third place for the U9 Boys and fourth place for the U11 Girls!

Toby won every race and George won four and this helped each of the boys’ team a lot and made them Champions.

It couldn't have been a better season.


The wins, the fails and all in between

Toby won all 6 of his races which helped the U11 boys team come second. Arthur and Sam were always neck and neck at the end of every race but Sam's sprint finish nearly always beat Arthur, just.  Although Toby won all of his races; on more than one occasion he ran the wrong way, luckily every one else followed him!

Gorge's first race was a great success which boosted his confidence and which led him to victory.

Holly in Year Four had a great season. She ran really hard in every race and ended the season with an individual medal.

We had some great runner in Year Three, like Felicity, who had really good performances running against older children in Year Four – she wants to get a gold medal next year!

May didn't quite get a victory but she defiantly deserved to get one. Sadly on the last race May took a tumble and came 2nd to last but we all cheered her in and we all made her feel better about her accident.


The End Of  The Season

I couldn't name everyone who ran this year because there were so many people taking part but we got amazing results thanks to everyone’s hard work.

We had a brilliant time - even though we had to get up early on a lot of Sunday morning, it was a fun experience!


By Sophie