Gliddon and Squire Finals 2020

After another long, hard winter of competitions on Sunday mornings, it was great to see 30 runners from our school receive medals for completing the Gliddon and Squire Series of 6 Cross Country races.   This shows a real commitment, especially on days when the weather was terrible, and the face that everyone was willing to work together as a team was incredible to see.   We would like to thank Alan for another season of coaching our children, and if you look at the results it’s pretty obvious that he is getting a lot out of our runners. 

  • Toby (Year Four)              Gold Medal
  • Adam (Year Five)             Fifth Place
  • May (Year Four)               Seventh Place
  • Eleanor (Year Six)             Tenth Place
  • Boys’ Under 11 Team     Silver Medal
  • Boys’ Under 9 Team        Bronze Medal
  • Girls Under 9 Team         Bronze Medal

The races involve competition between both schools and running clubs, and in addition to the results above we also received a trophy as the most successful boys’ school team in the competition.