Hartland Beach Trip

We parked the minibuses on the cliff and walked down to the village. Mr Sentance and Sir had given some of our class cameras and binoculars so we could take pictures of the rocks and caves and examine them.

The binoculars were for spotting birds and looking at the rocks.

We walked along the beach and sat on the pebbles by a cave so Sir could talk to us about how the cave was made and the layers of rock. We talked about how pebbles are bits of the cliff that have been smoothed by the sea and about how quickly the cliff is eroded – it’s about five metres every hundred years.

We looked at Bear Rock, which is a rock that looks like a bear. 200 million years ago it was flat at the bottom of the sea. It has been pushed vertical by the Earth’s plates moving.

We finished our day with a five mile walk past St’ Catherine’s Tor to Speakes Mill and then back in a big loop.

We walked through a strange valley with no river in it and looked at how it has been eroded by the sea. We had to try and work out how the valley got the way it is.

Some people think it was made by water form a melting glacier thousands of years ago.

We’ve bee working on geography in school and this trip was a great way of seeing the things we’ve been learning about.

We’re going to learn all about Dartmoor and how it was made and got the way it is this year.