Hartland Quay Autumn 2014

Hartland Quay

In early October Class 6 went on a day trip with Sir, Mr Sentance and Teena. We traveled by mini bus and it took about 25 minuets to get to Hartland Quay. We went there to study rocks, the coast and history – like ship wrecks.

When we arrived we went strait onto the beach to focus on the rocks and cliffs. As we walked onto the beach we told every one what we could see and took pictures, we also looked at the slip way. We sat on the beach and had a talk. We talked about how sandstone is made.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock. Loose particles get pressed together under the Earth and over millions of years change into rock.

The rock gets worn away by weathering and erosion. It breaks off the cliffs and gets washed into smooth pebbles on the beach. These turn back to sand.

This is a part of the rock cycle.

After this we walked up the slip way again, we went into the museum. It wasn't a big museum ,but it was very interesting. On display there was a light bulb from Hartland point lighthouse, an old spanner from a old wreaked ship and more. Some of us took pictures and filmed documentaries.

After lunch we walked along a valley by the sea and looked at how the sea had changed it.

We all had a great day out and we were ready to leave at the end of the day because we were all exhausted.

By Natasha