Harvest 2014

In the harvest festival we sang five songs and Year Five read and “signed” a poem, the brass band performed two tunes and in between the songs Sir said a few words.

Harvest is a very important time of year, because it’s when farmers collect the food they’ve grown. Without this time of year we would all starve.

At the start the brass band played Pop Rock and Mini March to warm up. Then they played Plough to the End of the Row with the whole school singing behind them.

Before we started Sir said some things. The next song we sang was Cauliflowers Fluffy; KS1 sang the first verse and chorus on there own then the whole school joined in.

Next we sang Oats and Beans and Barley Grow; Year Three and Four sang it once through then the whole school did.

Then year five did a poem, called The Harvest Moon by Ted Hughes, they did it again in sign language which everyone thought was very impressive.

After sir read out a quote by Robert Louis Stevenson. The quote was “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant” and the whole school sang Jolly Plough Boys which is a fast high song.

The last song we sang was Country Boy which is a very fast song, only Year Five and Six sang it. The ukuleles played the tune.

Before we finished Sir said a very long quote by a man called Kent Nurburn, who said that giving was like loving and withholding like withering, and everyone got a round of applause.

I think harvest went very well.

By Evie