Hi Ho Silver Away !!!

Our Christmas musical spectacular, The Lone Ranger, was an amazing success.
We performed to three packed audiences (nearly 600 people) who gave us standing auditions and everyone agreed that every second of the hard work we've put in over the last few weeks was worth it !

Everyone in school is feeling incredibly proud of the children who proved once again how much they are capable of.
We've all got some wonderful memories that we'll take with us into the future.

These quotes sum everything up:

"I loved the experience and want to do the whole thing again,"
Samuel (The Lone Ranger)

"The experience has been amazing and I hope I do a lot more acting,"
Izzy (Dixie Doppelganger)

We're all having a well earned rest now and we hope that everyone has a great Christmas.

Watch out for the DVD which will be available in the new year
and in the meantime here's a taster .....