Hockey at Shebbear

Twelve people from Class Six were selected for a hockey match and shared training session with Shebbear College last week.


Before all of the energy of the match we did some training with Alan Muller, who coaches Shebbear and plays for the England over 65’s Hockey Team. Some of us know him from Bude, but he was a new face to others.


We practiced turning and dodging and a couple of us got picked for demonstrations. It was hard work but it was enjoyed by all.


We were split into mixed groups to play our matches. For some of us it was our first ever match but once we found our feet we went on to score some good goals and save some too.


It was fun because we were mixed together from both schools and this meant we had to work together like a proper team.


Finally, when we were on the minibus back to school we were buzzing with excitement. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon thoroughly and we are noe looking forward to future matches and tournaments.