Holsworthy Rugby Champions

On Tuesday 19th November class 6 tag rugby team went to Holsworthy to play tag rugby. The team divided into two teams the A and B, they did very well and the A team won the tournament.

The B team played three matches, here are the results:

Bradworthy B 4-10 Holsworthy A

Bradworthy B 7-9 Halwill

Bradworthy B 7-6 Pyworthy

The A team played 4 matches in our group, here are the results:

Bradworthy A 7-1 Holsworthy B

Bradworthy A 5-1 Holsworthy C

Bradworthy A 10-1 Black Torrington

Bradworthy A 8-6 Clawton

After these four matches we made it to the semi final where we played Halwill.

Bradworthy A 8-3 Halwill

We won this match and then faced Holsworthy A in the final.  It was a hard match, but we managed to win 5-1, and got the trophy!

All the players put out a great effort and played very well.
We all had a great time out in the hail, well done everyone.

By Jaden, Jordan, Danny and Bam.