House Cross Country Running Competition

As you know there are currently no sporting events taking place and this means that we have been unable to compete against other schools this term.

At this time of year the busiest events usually involve cross country running and it is especially disappointing that nothing is happening because we have such a strong team this year.


We haven’t been able to go out and about however we have been able to hold an in-school event, which involved the children competing individually and in their house teams.


Congratulations to Herons who finished first – but only by three points.


These photos show our individual winners in our Year Three / Four and Year Five / Six Bubbles.  


Congratulations to the following medal winners (although to be fair they haven’t actually got any medals yet):


Boys’ Results:

First Place:                  Adam (Yr 6), Toby (Yr 5), Harlow (Yr 4), Hugo (Yr 3)

Second Place:              Charlie (Yr 6), Robin (Yr 5), Ashleigh (Yr 4), Seth (Yr3)

Third Place:                 Louie (Yr 6), Dan (Yr 5), Baxter (Yr 4), Rory (Yr 3)


Girls’ Results:

First Place:                  Azalea (Yr 6), May (Yr 5), Isabelle (Yr 4), Olivia (Yr 3)

Second Place:              Ellie (Yr 6), Sophie N (Yr 5), Amelia (Yr 4), Lola (Yr 3)

Third Place:                 Ruby (Yr 6), Sophie B (Yr 5), Holly (Yr 4), Holly (Yr 3)


Well done to everyone who took part.