In-House Gym Competition

On Tuesday 23rd May we held a school based Gymnastics competition, in order to raise some funds for gymnastics equipment and leotards.   The number of children who chose to enter the competition was amazing to see - and watching them complete floor routines and a vault competition was fantastic.  All of the children competed to a high standard, with all of our Gymnastics coaches expressing their pride at the attitude the pupils demonstrated.   At the end of the day the whole school gathered for a presentation in which the top 6 children in each category were awarded medals or ribbons.


Year One Competition:


Bronze - Freya Pitt.                Silver - James Wilmot.            Gold - Lacey Osborne


Year Two Competition:


Bronze - Bradley Starr           Silver - Finley Shadrick          Gold - Azalea Wooldridge


Key Stage Two Novice Boys Competition:


Bronze - Harrison Grubb       Silver - Cory Stevens              Gold - Nathan Bewes




Key Stage Two Novice Girls Competition:


Bronze - Eden Downing        Silver -  Charlotte Conway       Gold - Lara Bird


Key Stage Two Intermediate 'B' Boys Competition:


Bronze - Joshua Lui              Silver - Ewan Shadrick            Gold - Stanley Waters




Key Stage Two Intermediate 'B' Girls Competition:


Bronze - Lucy Baker.             Silver - Eleanor Foster            Gold - Imogen Spencer


Key Stage Two Intermediate 'A' Mixed Competition:


Bronze - Emma Wright          Silver - Archie Waters             Gold - Holly Chamberlain




A special mention must also be made for Imogen Spencer and Lara Bird, who won the overall Intermediate and Novice categories respectively!   We also need to say an enormous thank you to Kerry, Sarah, Aaron, Ashleigh and Claire for all of their hard work before, during and after the competition.  It is such a pleasure to see the children being able to take part in these activities, and as always, their effort and attitude was exemplary.