Indoor Athletics Competition

On the 21st of March I took 12 students to compete in an Indoor Athletics Competition with 15 other schools at Bideford College.


The children each took part in 6 events, 2 running events in which they were timed in teams of 3, one lap of the hall followed by 2 laps of the hall. 


After this they moved onto the field events, which were standing long jump, chest throw, standing high jump and speed bounce. 


I'd love to be able to tell you how well we did, but the tournament was ran in peculiar, fashion, our results were collected by Bideford College students, who I must say did an excellent job at running the event, then were handed in to the tournament organisers who collated the data. 


At the end of the day, they told us the top 3 schools, which we weren't one of, but didn't read out the rest of the positions and as of yet we haven't received our data to know how well we did in comparison to the other schools. 


All in all, the children really enjoyed their day out competing in a range of activities, I would like to thank the parents who accompanied me for the day as well, as always your support for us in all sporting events is greatly appreciated.