Jabberwocky 2014

On the 8th of September, class 5 went to with Mrs Turner, Mr Sentance and Mrs Brauns. We were so excited to learn about the Jabberwock.

First, Mrs Turner took the register and we all got our stuff ready. Mrs Turner sorted us into groups for the 2 mini busses and the car. Once we were sorted into our groups we jumped into our vehicles and set off to go to Rosemoor.

When we arrived at Rosemoor. We stepped out of our vehicles. Mrs Turner told us to get our stuff and then we set off to find our class room for the day. We found it and then we put our bags down and we were split into two groups.

One group went off with Mr Sentence and the other group went with Mrs Turner. Mr Sentence’s group went on to the path that leads under the bridge. He set us up with two pieces of paper, a clip board and a pencil. What we had to do was: we had to find some plants and leaves to draw, to think about ideas for our own tulgey wood. The leaves had to be all different shapes and sizes, mostly big, spiny, scary plants would be the best.

Back to Mrs Turners group, they all went into the deep, dark (a little bit of light) woods, they were on the hunt for a Jabberwock, a Bandersnatch, the Jub Jub bird, Borogoves, the Slithy Toves, Mone Raths and the Tum Tum Tree. We all split into groups of three or two and Mrs Turner gave each group a camera, a Jabberwocky booklet and a pencil. Each group went off to find evidence of a Jabberwock and the other creatures.    When we had looked for evidence and drawn some sketches of things that we had found we did some drama in the woods to help us get ideas for our writing.

When the 2 groups had both finished, they both went back to the class room and we all washed our hands and we had lunch.

After lunch, the 2 groups swapped over.

Lastly, we all met up at the class room, got into one long line and set off for the mini busses and this time a different car. We all jumped in and we set off back to school.

We are so glad we went on the trip.  We learnt loads about the Jabberwocky and we had a really good day at Rosemoor.

By Amelia and Holly