Julian's River Trip

This October Class 6 went on a school trip to Julian's farm to learn about the river Torridge and culm grass-land.

We left about 9.45am and when we got there Jenni took us into her classroom. She talked to us about the health and safety rules for the farm. We were all given boards with information sheets attached. On them were photos which showed the autumn leaves and twigs, fungi, otters, fruits and hills that we might see when we were walking around.

Then we went on a walk to a spring and a waterfall. It was amazing. We started talking about erosion and how the weather eroded the land. We took pictures and asked questions and thought about the water-table. From seeing the waterfall we learned quite a lot.
The stream was a tributary of the Torridge.

After we got back we ate half our lunch, then we were off again. This time we went down to the river bank and the culm-land. We went exploring and started spotting the things on our sheets. When we got there we did some experiments to see how fast the river was flowing in different places.

We also did experiments with oranges. One group’s orange took 6 seconds to travel ten meters, the others took 22seconds, 42seconds and 20seconds. Then we put another orange in to see how long it would take it to travel to the other side of the meander. It took 2minuets and 15seconds. We tried to work out why the speeds were so different.
We also thought about erosion, transportation and deposition.

Finally we headed back to the classroom where we had the rest of our lunch.
After lunch we had to leave, we got back in the minibus and headed back to school.

We all had a fantastic day and I would love to go again.