Library Project

We’re delighted to be able to tell you that Mary Weblin will be working in school each week as our School Librarian.

We are beginning a fantastic new development project which is going to promote a love of books and reading across the school and we are delighted that she will now be coming in every Friday to help us.

We are working to improve the school library, reorganize the space and make it really inviting and user friendly.

The PTA has bought a computerized library system which will allow children to check out books to take home (once we have bar coded and catalogued all of them!).  

It is absolutely fantastic that we are able to offer this resource to the children as it will nurture the huge love of books and reading which already exists in school.

We will be purchasing new books for the library and have arranged a trip to the School Library Service where we will be able to browse in their bookshop and stock up on lots of fantastic new items.

In addition to this we have also taken out subscriptions to a couple of brilliant children’s magazines (Aquila and The Phoenix Comic) and have plans for many exciting reading related activities.