London 2013

After lunch we had a tour of St Paul's.
We lay on our backs to look at the beautiful mosaics on the ceiling through binoculars and elected a new Bishop !
We went up the dome and whispered to each other in the Whispering Gallery - it really did work !
As you can see the view from the top was amazing.

We're heading out ice skating now so you'll have to check back later to see some more photos - probably much later !


Wicked was amazing !
It was so good that no one fell asleep - and in the past someone has always nodded off at some point !!!
There's no photos of the show because we weren't allowed.

We're safely back in the hostel and heading for sleep.
Thanks for all the comments this evening.

Check back tomorrow for the latest photos.


Day Three

Our first stop was the Houses of Parliament where we were able to compare the way our own Student Parliament works to the real thing.
Check the photo carefully because there's certain to be a future Prime Minister in there somewhere.


We had lunch outside the Tate Modern after walking "The Queens Walk" on the South-bank.
It was amazing to see the actors rehearsing on stage in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
We spent an hour with one of the actors in a workshop which was based on Romeo and Juliet.


We finished the day at the British Museum and we're back at the Hostel now having tea.

Everyone is very excited because this evening we're off to the Theatre to see "Wicked".
If you've just read this please leave a comment because the children are loving reading them.

More up-dates later.